Clueless but very determined

Heulen im Duett


cool stuff to get your kin friends:

  • stuffed animals/figurines/paintings/ect of their kintype
  • cosplay items for their kintype (i.e. ears and tails specific for animalkin’s kintypes)
  • toys for their kintype (like chew toys for dogkin, you can actually get human chew toys made specifically for…

also jewelry! Like pendants or such, or a locket with a picture of their kintype?

Hey guys!

It’s “etc.” - not “ect.”

"Etc." is short for "etcetera" which is Latin for "and the rest". "Ect." would be short for "ectetra" which isn’t Latin for anything.

This has been a PSA.

"this is kinda late, but do you have any references I can use for what you look like? as a wolf, of course. ^-^"

No worries! Well, I’m pretty much Your Typical Gray Wolf, with sort of brown/white/greyish fur, like this:

Eye colour isn’t too important - I myself have light blue eyes, but wolves can’t have blue eyes… So do with that as you please. :3




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Yeah the flavour stimulus ones are stupid, where in the world are you allowed to eat in a test.

Stay away from this motherfucker he thinks you eat gum ^

If you’re not allowed to even chew gum during your test, you can try sitting in a certain way during studying and then take on that same pose during the exam. It works in pretty much the same way though is a little weaker than the gum thing.